Join A Leading Banking Institution To Save More Of Your Money Today

NexBank is a leading financial institution that offers online banking services, causing PRN News to name them as the largest growing bank in the industry. Thousands of customers have been able to save money, buy a new car, or invest in a new home. In fact, they have an impressive 569,000+ customers in the local area. Nexbank are based in Dallas, Texas, and is headed by CEO and founder, John Holt. Holt recently, spoke at a National Banking Convention and has promised to hire new executives that will contribute innovative ideas, allowing their customers to save money. Their mission is to improve their services and features for their customers and financial corporations nationwide.

Are you living below the national economic level and considered as low income in the Dallas area? NexBank has accepted an acquisition with Dallas based, Habitat For Humanity to make homeownership a reality for low income individuals. They have provided millions of dollars and the necessary resources towards the initiative of first time homeownership. More people are able to own a home with lower interest and monthly mortgage payments. NexBank is here to help you safeguard your financial investment. They also have a college savings program that gives you the opportunity to save with over 1,400+ college savings programs. They have merged with New Jersey based, College Savings Bank, that will presume business under their current name. Students and their parents can save on college tuition and eliminate most of their government student loan debt.

NexBank Program And Features

– Mortgage accounts
– IRA accounts
– Free direct deposit
– Free checks
– Free online bill pay
and much more…

NexBank allows you to manage your money when you want, from any device including your smartphone. In fact, if you need assistance with your account their is a friendly customer service representative, standing by to answer your questions. You’re invited to visit their official website for more details today.

Banking for Convenience

NexBank is making major moves in the industry by acquiring College Savings Bank located in Princeton, New Jersey. This is a big deal as the College Savings Bank specializes in hundreds of savings programs that are aimed at paying for a college education. There are not many terms to be discussed, but it is important to note that College Savings Bank will be able to keep its name and branding.

NexBank has been a player in the industry for many years and continues to be worth billions of dollars. They specialize in banking, mortgages, and investments that are sure to help anyone out looking to make more money for themselves and their family. They are also involved in services revolved around businesses, real estate, and other multi-million dollar ideals.

NexBank makes it convenient for its consumers to bank by providing online options and different solutions to deposit and withdrawal money. There are also many benefits offered that some other institutions may not offer, such as transferring between banks, accounts, and even linking accounts to pay bills online. Nexbank offers many savings options to help you save money while also putting money into your account, just for banking with them. The options are there to benefit you and the best way to receive these benefits is to try their services out for yourself.