Robert Ivy: Working Hard To Improve The Image of Architects

Robert Ivy is a passionate architect who serves as the current head of the American Institute of Architects. He serves as the CEO and the executive vice president of the organization, being appointed by the board of directors in 2011. The architectural organization is considered as one of America’s oldest organizations, and according to Robert Ivy, he never expected to become the next head of the organization.

The organization for architects is the institution responsible for looking after the architects who are residing and are practicing their profession in the United States. Robert Ivy wanted to promote the image of the architects, and he wanted the public to know that the architects are helping the country in building the society. He claimed that without the architects, infrastructures would not be properly built. He also highlighted the number of skyscrapers and other beautiful buildings across the United States and argued that it would not be possible to build them without the assistance of the architects.


Robert Ivy had always wanted to become an architect when he was a child. He was inspired to become an architect after developing an interest in buildings and architecture. When he was in college, he initially took up a Bachelor of Arts degree, and he majored in English. His school life at the Sewanee: The University of the South became smooth, and he ended up being the class cum laude. However, knowing that being an English major does not satisfy his dream, he decided to study once again, and he enrolled at the Tulane University. He took up a Master’s Degree in Architecture, and after he graduated, he decided to search for a job that would allow him to practice his profession.

Robert Ivy ended up being an editor in chief, working to publish the Architectural Record across the globe. Through his efforts, the journal became widely-known, especially among the architects, and it was published all throughout the world and distributed to different architectural schools. Robert Ivy stated that is been one of the highlights of his career in architecture, but he would always have to advance his career, so he resigned from the company after some time and looked for another job. He decided to become active in the American Institute of Architects, and through his hard work, he managed to transform the organization into one of the most respectable across the United States.

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