The Highly Experienced Emergency Doctor Eric Forstheofel

Dr. Eric M. Forstheofel is a graduate from Louisiana State University of Medicine whos MD practice is serving patients who are labeled trauma to be evaluated and treated in the emergency department. He has been practicing emergency medicine as a doctor within the ER since 2012 located in Tallahassee, Florida. While in the city, Forstheofel is also affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare being one out of a little over 25 in total working in the emergency department. Ultimately, what he is able to do is admit patients who are in need of care, and in some cases a life and death situation.

When there are people dealing with an emergency that involves the body, such as extensive trauma, heart conditions, or any other undesirable part of the body that needs immediate treatment, Dr. Eric Forstheofel is an emergency physician who is highly trained to assist in such a trying time avoiding life-ending circumstances. One of his main roles when a patient is being seen in the emergency department, is to verify that the patient is even in a stable state enough to leave on their own accord, or if the possibility is for a transfer to the proper department for care.

Forstheofel is able to diagnose a wide-range of ailments that need STAT attention and figuring out the most efficient way to treat it, even when time is of the essence. In addition to just having the title of a “doctor”, Eric Forstheofel is Board Certified, setting him apart, and making him a more potential candidate to treat a medical condition, rather than a who is not Board Certified. This makes him potentially more often recommended, with the fact that his skill set could be more extensive than a uncertified doctor who may not just have the knowledge as a result of not having so much personal experience.