Anthony Petrello- Leader, Philanthropist and Father

Anthony Petrello, current CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. has served in leadership roles in the company since 1991. He began by being elected to the Board of Directors, and to the Executive Committee in 1991, and has served as the COO and President in the same year, as the Deputy Chairman since 2003, and continuing as President, became chairman of both the Board and Executive Committee. Prior to that, from 1979 to 1991, he served as the Managing Partner of Baker and McKenzie Law Firm’s New York office, where he specialized in international arbitration, corporate law, and taxation, a perfect background for the leadership roles he has taken on in companies since then, such as his role as Director at Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. He holds a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, and a Masters and Bachelor’s Degrees in Mathematics from Yale University.

Mr. Petrello holds three Board Memberships: Nabors Industries Chairman of the Board and CEO; Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LCC since 2011, and Director of the Board of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have committed $7 million to the hospital’s Neurological Research Institute, to ensure that children with neurological and developmental conditions can reach their full potential.

Their daughter Carena was born barely past the gestational age of viability and drastically underweight, and was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, a common defect in premature children due to inadequate oxygenation or blood flow to the brain. Consequentially, she developed cerebral palsy, and other developmental disorders. Per Texas Children’s Hospital website, the Petrollo’s investigated pediatric research institutions around the country and abroad, and found that none of them were conducting research that would make any difference in these children’s lives. They have committed the $5 million upfront, and $2 million to come, for the Neurological institute to ensure that this research is done, not only for Carena, but for all children like her.

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Andrea McWilliams a philanthropist and political commentator

It takes passion, commitment and a lot of zeal to be recognised in the political circles. It’s even more demanding to combine politics and charity, mainly because the two require a lot of energy, patience, and undivided attention to achieve your ambitions. Now imagine a woman who has to jog between family, politics, and lobbying endeavours and delivers exceptionally upshots in all these sectors. Well, the woman we are talking about is Andrea McWilliams a woman in a class of her own and has an uninterrupted list of achievements that are worth mentioning. McWilliams is an esteemed lobbyist and a political fundraiser who has made a name for herself in the political arena.

Andrea McWilliams is an accomplished strategist.She is known for her willpower, patience and cautious attention to details. She turns encounters into opportunity, and she believes anything can be achieved if there are will and tenacity. For instance, during her time in both the private and public sector she realised unmatched triumphs in every issue, she engaged in. Without reservations, magazines and the national media have described her as an outstanding fundraiser and political strategist. Additionally, McWilliams has been a recipient of many awards. Just to mention a few, she received the “Austin under 40” Award, the Girl Scouts of Central Texas awarded her with the “Woman of Distinction” Award.

Andrea McWilliams is also a serial philanthropist and has been on the forefront to make the world a better place. She is a representative of Killcancer and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, which are organisations that are not profit and are committed to cancer eradication and prevention. McWilliams also supports groups that are devoted to children’s health. Additionally, McWilliams has been in the lead to ensure architectural and cultural preservation. What’s more, McWilliams is a staunch supporter of women empowerment and has regularly mentored young women into the business world.