How Securus Technologies Is Making Communities Safer on a Regular Basis

Securus Technologies is doing what it can to make communications better between inmates and their respective visitors. Unfortunately, there are still many different correctional facilities that have yet to have it installed into their communications platforms. It is highly recommended for everyone to do what they can to encourage their local courts to have Securus Technologies installed in their respective cities’ correctional facilities’ communications systems, as it has been shown to be a great catalyst of solving crimes. Although it is a great catalyst for solving crimes, it is also important to note that it provides several benefits for both inmates and their visitors.


If you are not quite sure about exactly what Securus Technologies is offering, then please go to the website to read through its press releases, as they do their best to keep people updated on their current missions. It is a wonderful platform that is bringing people and communities together by enabling inmates to remain connected to their loved ones while simultaneously giving courts capabilities of solving crimes by utilizing the conversations that are conducted in its systems.


Securus Technologies consists of a video conferencing method of communications in which the “visitor(s)” communicate with an inmate, whether they are their friend, relative, and/or significant other, from the comfort of their very own residence if that is where they prefer to utilize the program at. It is a safe and secure platform of communications that is offering communities great benefits as it is keeping people connected and safe simultaneously. It is highly recommended for correctional facilities to have Securus Technologies installed into their methods of communications for inmates, as everyone essentially benefits from it. Securus Technologies is a system that has been trialed, tested, and it now being utilized as an ordinary form of communications in select correctional facilities today.


Securus Technologies Enrolls Field Workers In International Certification Program

Securus Technologies has now adopted a training program for their field employees in which they earn an internationally-recognized certification. The training program is done through Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), an organization that has training programs in the telecommunications industry, and their certifications cover field work such as installing fiber optic systems, copper-wired mediums, and wireless systems. Eleven Securus field workers recently received the BICSI Installer 1 Certification and received praise from company vice president Danny de Hoyos. He spoke of how BICSI’s program was the perfect platform for building field worker skills and establishing even better rapport with customers.


 Securus Technologies has built telecom infrastructures for many correctional facilities across the US. The company was founded in 1986 in Dallas, TX and is currently run by CEO Rick Smith and COO Robert Pickens. Securus services all communications from phones, email, and in-house kiosks and tablets. Securus acquired JPay about only a year ago, and this has allowed inmates to file paperwork electronically, deposit funds or receive them, purchase commissary items, view jobsites, and many other things. Securus allows families and inmates to prepay for phone minutes, setup a personal billing option, or even receive voicemail.


One way that Securus has made visiting even easier is through its video visitation. The video visitation service connects anyone who has a webcam and internet access to an incarcerated inmate, and there are no waiting periods to do so. The program has led to many inmates improving behavior, improving morale, and saved both correctional facilities and inmate families money. Securus also has one of the most sophisticated databases of information that is connected to various local law enforcement directories, and can provide investigators important information to investigations. Securus’s Investigator Pro software has biometric recognition algorithms for monitoring inmate mail and phone calls.