Wen to Use It?

It is unlikely these days to not have come across a QVC infomercial for the popular hair product line Wen. Created by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hair stylist, Wen is touted as an all in one cleansing conditioner. Rooted in the philosophy of using all natural ingredients while taking inspiration from nature, Wen promises it can meet any hair’s needs through various formulas available.

An article by Emily McClure was featured on Bustle in 2016. A lover of beauty products, she documented a her first time experience using Wen over the course of a week. With her naturally fine hair, she chose to test out the Fig formula which caters to frizzy and damaged hair.

Day 1 brought the opportunity to try out WEN hair as McClure’s hair was in bad shape. Having a preference to shower at night, she applied the recommended amount to use which is much more than her usual amount of shampoo. After blow drying her hair, she found an improvement in quality.

Day 2 came along with a surprise of greasy hair roots which normally take a few days for her. Again, she showered at night applying Wen and received the same satisfied results as the previous night.

Day 3 began with slightly oily hair. She used Wen along with heat protectant and texturing paste in the morning, but still had the shine and volume like previous uses.

Day 4 was disastrous as she was unable to shower in the morning and left with greasy hair.

Day 5 offered the chance for a morning shower. She stated the softness Wen provides does not lend well to curling.

Day 6 it was determined the best use of Wen is in the morning.

Day 7 followed the same routine.

When to use Wen? It’s the morning according to McClure. http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589