PSI Pay Providing Alternative Banking Services

Although digital wallet accounts play similar roles like the physical wallets, many people all over the world still find it difficult to comprehend the need of a digital wallet. Digital wallets tend to provide a single appropriate place for keeping cash, credit, and debit cards as well as loyalty cards. These wallets promote security and at the same time enable the user to have one mobile phone in place of many cards and papers. However, digital wallets very depending on consumers practices from different parts of the world. The European wallet for instance holds bank balances and has the ability of carrying multiple currencies like euros and pounds.


The European-style wallet can be used in place of conventional bank accounts. Many consumers as well as small companies are currently using digital wallets to carry out all of their financial transactions. One has to be in an area where many retailers and service providers admit mobile payments in order to reap the benefits of alternative banking. EcoPayz and PSI Pay are good examples of the European-style wallet in the United Kingdom. PSI Pay is a banking solution that enables members to deposit and withdraw money from the banking network. It currently operates in 173 countries and deals with 44 currencies. The banking solution company is among the best banking alternative companies in the United Kingdom.


Recently, PSI Pay partnered with Kerv, a leading innovator in the alternative payments domain. The collaboration uses PSI Pay’s Master Card license that enables users of the contactless payment services offered by Kerv to pay money in 38 million sites globally. Kerv users will now have the ability of funding their accounts using the credit or debit card, PayPal, or ban transfer using either a manual or an automatic top up service. The users can also carry out online or in-app purchases using their virtual cards. The Kerv contactless payment has won several awards including the Temenos Innovation Jam. The new mode of payment developed by the two alternative payment companies is not only convenient but also revolutionary. It has been embraced by many customers all over the world.

OneLogin Provides Streamlined Security Features and Employee Specific Access

Under fierce new executive leadership and ranking among the highest rated small companies to work for, both in employee and client end-user satisfaction, OneLogin’s presence is expanding beyond the pages of Fortune Magazine. With an ever-evolving economy and dynamic generational employment challenges, one primary benefit OneLogin brings to the mix is its efficient manner for setting up or respectively deleting employee accounts when inevitable turnover occurs.

Located in the Bay Area, OneLogin is a company that offers streamlined corporate web access, appropriate, business-oriented app technology tools and secure, single sign-in technology for easily over 2,000 customers based worldwide. With OneLogin’s ability to tailor its technology to industry, the company is able to provide its identification and access management products to everything from space manufacturing to education and financial institutions alike. Additionally, the company’s ability to multi-factor authentication has substantially increased company security by providing IT with automated user verification prompts before system access is ever granted.

OneLogin’s trademark technology includes office desktop applications, or shortcuts, that allow employees efficient access to appropriate programs without having to navigate the entire computer directory as a whole. Apps can be customized for a department and provide exclusive access at a level appropriate to position, which alleviates potential breaches of propriety sensitive information. Having one login also allows every employee to search and find programs according to their comfort level. For example, keyword-rich descriptions give direct results to tools so that whichever term comes to mind, an individual can quickly find the app or program they are looking for.

Let’s face it, not all employees are computer savvy. Allowing the workforce access to just the tools they need to get their job done with one set of credentials equates to a significant increase in the bottom line for two reasons. First, productivity and second, maintaining secure company intellectual property. When cloud infrastructure and protective firewall utilization is employed, these two capabilities together ensure that passwords continue to be an effective part of data security, and moreover, that layers of safety are still in place without discouraging or hindering workers from getting their jobs done.