Dr. Greg Flinch Offering Patients Suffering Musculoskeletal Conditions Excellent Treatment

Back pains, joint dislocations, sports injuries and arthritic knees are some of the common musculoskeletal conditions experienced in modern times. The patient must seek the services of a specialist to ensure successful treatment. The orthopedic surgeon offers a range of services that include diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of the affected body part


Arthroplasty is a conventional orthopedic process. Otherwise referred to as joint replacement, the surgical process is carried out on affected body joints including shoulders, knees, finger joints and the spine. Wear and tear of joint ligaments either from an injury or a result of arthritis are among the leading causes of musculoskeletal problems that require arthroplasty. Patients in need of this service undergo an extensive examination process to ascertain the extent of the damage to the affected joint before the creation of a treatment plan. An artificial joint known as prostheses replaces the affected part through a surgical process.


Treatment for bone fractures, infections, and broken bones take the process of infusion. In the process, the surgeon uses bone grafts and metal rods fused within the affected area. The treatment also referred to as a welding process results in the fused parts healing into a single bone.


Dr. Greg Flinch is a specialist orthopedic surgeon affiliated to Rockhampton Hospital. He is a graduate of Auckland Medical School and Royal College of Surgeons in Melbourne. Gregg is a registered member of the Australian Orthopedic Association who has a wealth of experience that spans over 15 years.


Alongside offering his services in treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Greg Flinch is an active contributor on the Doctoria’s website. On this platform, patients pose questions and receive guidance on different conditions affecting their health. The platform acts as a fast and convenient solution for better management of health conditions affecting the body.