Brown Modelling Agency; A Hybrid of the Best & Platform For the Rest

Since the summer of 2015 a full-service model and talent agency has been formed by the same individual who created Wilhelmina Austin according to Marketwired. Thanks to the help of Wilhelmina Models network, which at this point in the game has become wildly renown to the point of world infamy, some of the best faces in the modelling game including Talent-South have come together to create the hybrid now known as Brown Agency.

With an extremely fast paced level of development, thanks to their brilliant idea of teaming up so that their many differing talents and skills could properly compliment each other and form an unbeatable force, Brown Modelling Agency has become a true leader in the modelling industry. Because of this ingenious plan, Brown has forged a path to wonderful work opportunities, being able to give their many unique models a chance to work with high end brands such as Toyota, Dell, L’oreal, Louis Vuitton, and countless others. But Brown Modelling Agency isn’t actually just for models. Justin Brown, the creator, with the help of Talent-South has come to create one of Austin’s most achieved acting agencies known to this day.

Obviously, Justin Brown would knows a lot about modelling, but what may surprise some is where his interest began. Studying business management in his higher education years, Justin Brown had to figure out a way how to afford his initial adult years. Because of this all too common situation, Brown decided to take up a job in modelling which soon sparked a light bulb in his head that he could do more than just become a classic suit. Growing passionate over the years in the idea of working behind the scenes, Justin Brown decided to change his geared focus and dive straight into the mix of things, going on to work in Development and Placement where he would teach models how to hone their skills and learn how to be the best models possible before Brown would place them into actual working careers.

To say the least he fell in love with it all and we who appreciate the art of fashion and fine photography can’t help but be eternally grateful that he decided to take up that day job so many years ago, for without him and his incredible taste and talent for training models we might not have such an incredible team as that which makes up the Brown Modelling Agency. Justin Brown and his amazing creation that is the Brown Modelling Agency truly is a wonderful creation and a constant inspiration to those everywhere no matter their dreams, but best of all it is one of the best platforms in America today for actors and models everywhere. For more information, visit the agency’s crunchbase page.