Patty Rocklage is a Leading Marriage and Family Therapist

Patty Rocklage is a seasoned marriage and family therapist. She has experience and excellent communication abilities that enable her to establish meaningful connections with his clients. She feels privileged to help families, couples, and individuals in overcoming their struggles in life. She attended USC and attained her degree in 1981. Patty has been practicing for more than two decades ago. She is married to Dr. Scott Rocklage, a recognized healthcare management guru.


MIT celebrates Dr. Scott and his wife, Patty


Patty Rocklage came up with the idea of giving back to MIT. The idea impressed Dr. Scott, who is the alumnus of the prestigious University. The couple moved swiftly and donated a record $250,000 to subsidize the cost of renovating a chemistry lab. Dr. Scott stated that MIT offered him a strong foundation for his career and personal life. He felt honored to donate towards the MIT’s Chemistry Department.


Dr. Scott and Patty Rocklage received a warm welcome at the chemistry department on July 18, 2016. On that day, the Department hosted a ceremony to celebrate the couple for their contributions towards the upgrading of the chemistry lab space. Professor Bawendi and two of his masters’ students, He Wei and Whitney Hess, gave Dr. Scott and his wife a tour of the newly upgraded lab space. Eventually, Bawendi’s team and the faculty assembled in the vestibule of the chemistry lab, where an engraving in honor of the couple lies. Various professors and department heads paid tributes to the Rocklages for their commitment to the development of research.


Renovating the Rocklage Home


Scott and Patty Rocklage had an opportunity to enjoy a mind-blowing experience after visiting the Kitchen & Bath showroom that currently is the design center for Sudbury Companies. The couple had several renovation projects, which they needed to carry out in their home, and they were in the process of recruiting the best sub-contractors for the job. However, they were not conversant of the house renovation abilities of Ed Freedlender and experienced employees at The Sudbury Companies. The couple was unaware of the capability of the Sudbury Companies to evaluate the whole home and develop a unique synergistic plan that allows the control of all parts from one particular source. They were unaware of the in-depth knowledge that enables Ed Freedlender to avail budget friendly ideas while enhancing the renovation goals of his customers. In addition, they were surprised by the amount of money, time, energy, and resources that they would save by contracting The Sudbury Companies to carry out their full house renovation.


Upon hiring The Sudbury Companies, the Rocklages were impressed with the finished product that consisted of a completely new farmer’s porch, a repositioned front door, a three-season porch, and an overturned front foyer. The exterior landscaping consisted of eco-conscious and cost efficient walkways, a driveway, and Stonewall.