The Sick Boy Tune That The Chainsmokers Fans Are Going Crazy

The song topped several music charts, and this changed the music career for the duo.

A successful music career is measured in the number of records a musician has sold worldwide. The system relies on three categories in quantifying the number of albums, singles, or music videos an artist has sold.

The categories are gold, silver, and platinum. Each country or region has different minimum sale numbers for each category.

The Chainsmokers released another successful single “Roses” in 2016. This earned the group epic success because the album achieved multi-platinum in several countries. Since then, the duo has been on a success curve.

The Chainsmokers is renowned for their award-winning collaborations with Coldplay, Halsey, and Daya.

Achieving success is not as hard as maintaining it, especially in the music industry. The duo has followed up their past colossal success by releasing a new electronic dance hit titled “Sick Boy.”

The song is the first one in seven months, and it signals the onset of a new episode in the duo’s music career. As an artist, you have to grow and take your fans along with you.

The Chainsmokers have been releasing songs about love and fun, but the duo wants to take their music and their fans to the next phase.

Pall and Taggart now want their music to reflect societal issues. People have a tendency to judge persons on what they see instead of taking time to learn the true nature of individuals.

For music stars, it is even worse because more people including the media could highlight the wrong version of people. The Chainsmokers are reacting to this through their music.

Going forward, The Chainsmokers plan to work with other producers to bring a new wave of energy into their music and keep their fans dancing to the beats.

Kim Dao Gets A Total Hair Makeover In A New Vlog

In one of Kim Dao’s more recent vlogs, she takes viewers on a journey to a hair salon in Harajuku. Kim Dao had been getting a bit tired of her pink/purple hair color, so she decided to get a completely new hairstyle in a salon called Number76 Nalu. If you want to follow Kim Dao’s Harajuku adventure, be sure to check out her video

TIME FOR A CHANGE – New Hair! + Wego Event.”


Before Kim Dao goes to her hair appointment, she says she needs to attend a WeGo event in Harajuku. As Kim Dao enters the event, she says that the WeGo organizers told her to pick any tee shirt she wanted for free. Kim Dao chooses a mustard yellow shirt for summer. She then stops by to see all the free food and drinks offered at this special event. Learn more here:


After the WeGo event, Kim Dao rushes to her appointment at Number76 Nalu. She films her hair transformation from start to finish. Also, Kim shows us a cute bag of goodies Number76 gave her.


As you can see from Kim Dao’s final look, the hair stylists tried to get all the pink out of her hair. Kim’s hair looks somewhat ashy color, which she absolutely adores.


Later on, Kim Dao grabs a bite to eat with a friend in Tokyo. She says she feels like a different person with her new hairstyle. Learn more here:


At the end of the video, Kim Dao sends a shout out to Yoshiatsu Iijima who styled her hair at Number76 Nalu. She also says she’s extremely tired and should really go to bed before work tomorrow.

Learn more here: