White Shark Media Pursues Strategies To Further Steer Growth Among Small Businesses

Young businesses are vulnerable to many challenges and in the absence of the right support, the business could end up making losses and exiting the industry. To keep the business afloat, entrepreneurs opt for various ideas, one of them being contracting a successful marketing agency like White Shark Media to assist in the development of the business to catch up with the competition in the market as well as to overcome challenges experienced while reaching clients. White Shark Media has stood out in this industry for offering some of the best solutions that are designed to cater for the marketing needs of the businesses in various specialties.


Strategic optimizations

To run a business effectively, there is need to have a plan that makes it possible to enable strategic optimization. Why this is important is because the market keeps changing and only the businesses that are prepared to embrace the changes survive the difficulties that come along with the change. White Shark Media runs special programs that allow strategic optimizations and reviews of the business to allow it to prepare for any changes in the market. Offering advice prior to any action in the market allows the business to handle difficulties whenever they arise.


Google SMB Partner

Over the years, White Shark Media has been among highly established companies that have developed systems that are able to deliver performance to small businesses. Google spotted this influence in 2012 and decided to partner with the company through the SMB program, which is handed over to only highly qualified agencies in the market. Being a partner to this program offers White Shark Media more tools to deliver effective AdWords and SEM campaigns. The objective of the program runs well with the goals of White Shark Media and has remained delivering better advertising support to small businesses.


Solutions for eCommerce businesses

Ecommerce businesses run on a different platform that is highly competitive and complex and to achieve their goals, they have to also embrace unique approaches that help them to move at the right pace of growth. White Shark Media offers advanced marketing packages that are designed to allow eCommerce companies to manage their strategies and ideas more seamlessly. The company also helps in the review and implementation of development plans that seek to change the image of the company to stay in sync with the needs of the market, including trends and changes.



Jeanmarie Guenot – Paving The Way For More Effective Cancer Therapies

Jeanmarie Guenot currently serves as the President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, a biotechnology research firm formed in 2013. According to takeda.com, Dr. Guenot has an extensive experience of more than twenty years in biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector and aims to use her experience efficiently in helping Amphivena grow and scale new heights of success in the biotech space. She has done her Masters in Business Administration from The Wharton School of Business and completed her Ph.D. at the University of California.

In her career spanning over two decades, Jeanmarie Guenot has worked with some companies and start-ups. She is also a leading business consultant and has extensive experience in helping with building business strategies that promote business growth and development in the most competitive business sectors or industries. Jeanmarie, before joining Amphivena Therapuetics Inc started her firm named SKS Ocular. It was a startup company that aimed at finding treatment therapies for ocular inflammation, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

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In the past, Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot has also worked as a business advisor for a reputed firm, Hoffman-La Roche in Shanghai and Basel. She has even served as the Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at PDL Bio-Pharmaceuticals. At PDL BioPharma, Jeanmarie was responsible for managing commercial product portfolios, supervise research and development, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, and overall alliance management for company’s research programs and other business activities on Crunchbase.com. Over the years, Dr. Guenot has accumulated vast experience in project, Alliance and portfolio management experience in diverse sectors, including cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmic diseases, neurology, oncology, autoimmune diseases, and more.

Jeanmarie Guenot has received various awards, which includes Deal of Distinction Award in 2006 by Licensing Executive Society and Innovative Bio-Partnering Award by BioBusiness Network in 2005. Along with being part of the Amphivena Therapeutics, Jeanmarie is also affiliated with Harpoon Therapeutics Inc and also one of the co-founders of biotechnology startup, Maverick Therapeutics Inc.

Jeanmarie Guenot firmly believes that research and development happening in the world of biotechnology would certainly find the cure for cancer one day. And, with her engagement with Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, and other biotechnology firms, she aims to make her contributions.

For more information about Jeanmarie Guenot just visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanmarie-guenot-4a140617.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Lends A Helping Hand

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is collaborating with Allscripts and NantHealth. The collaboration is applying a custom practical solution that allows NantHealth quantifiable solutions to happen. With smooth assimilation of solutions Clinical Pathways will be able to be informative during the treatment procedure of cancer without needing to disturb the physician’s quantifiable workflow.

Clinical Pathways helps to remove probable presumptions. Clinical Pathways provides the latest cancer information, latest treatment procedures, and provides treatments that are complementary into Allscripts Sunrise EHR. These accessible possibilities enables oncologists the capability to make a list of protocols. Some of the benefits include custom procedures particular to the patient, various evaluations among treatment choices, access to latest guidelines, and subsidiary quantifiable information.

The blog, https://www.myctca.com/ for Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Allscripts, and NantHealth created a developing plan in 2016 to support patients and benefactors. The developing plan helps these individuals gain advantages from quantifiable abilities when using a combined solution. The eviti resolution plays an essential part in getting the Clinical Pathway’s platform organized. Physicians are able to view present substantiation treatment procedures for all forms of cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s headquarter is located in Florida. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a system of five hospitals that assists patients dealing with cancer throughout the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America use a conventional method when trying to treat cancer. This network of hospitals also offers integrative treatments while treating cancer.

As stated on Wikipedia, Cancer Treatment Centers of America was established by Richard J Stephenson. The first Cancer Treatment Centers of America opened in the year 1988. Then four hospitals in association with this network opened between 2005 and 2012. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has consistently maintained strong patient satisfaction.

In conclusion, Cancer Treatment Centers of America lend a helping hand with cancer treatment.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

Draw my Life by Wengie


This is a video that takes us through the life of Wengie who was born on January 9, 1986. According to her story, she had a hard time feeding during her tender age, and sometimes she just took a spoonful of rice and suck the flavor out of the rice for hours. This made her family afraid since they thought she could become malnourished, but Wengie got by just fine. She loved ice-cream which made her negotiate with her grandfather every Sunday to have him by it for her. She didn’t enjoy the care of her parents since they had both left for Australia leaving her under the care of a nanny and her grandparents. Wengie remembers the first time she went to Australia and the reaction she had after seeing her parents for the first time.

Learning Background

She was quite shy, and had a hard time interacting with teachers and other kids at school, that is why she used to have poor grades. However, Wengie made it to high school where she met a lover. She now had a little brother by the name Jim, and Wengie wanted to be his role model. During her final high school year, she spent most of her time at the library which is why she scored good grades securing her a slot in the University. Since her parents didn’t have a stable job, they advised her to apply for a scholarship, and she luckily succeeded. Wengie always wished to be a designer, but against her will, she pursued Accounting.

Career Life

After graduating, she got an accounting job but since her heart was not into it, she was performing poorly, and finally decided to quit at the age of 25.Wengie had to look for another job considering that she had moved out from her parents’ house. She got a job as a social media consultant and within no time she got twelve clients. She worked late and sometimes would get home at 12 am, and when she got to the house, Wengie would write blogs which she posted on her webpage. She later quit her consultant job and settled for a YouTube channel where she posts videos about her life encounters.

This video features the life of Wengie who is an Asian girl who was raised by her grandparents but later joined her parents where she studied. The video covers her early life, academic life, and career life. Currently, Wengie owns a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers.


How Technology Is Influencing Fashion

Over the years, fashion and technology have gone hand-in-hand. To meet fashion demands, technology companies have been compelled to redesign their gadgets. A testament to this id the evolution of the music players, transforming to the huge boom boxes to the small, portable and stylish that are a common figure in the 21st century.


On the other hand, stylists are nowadays fusing technology into fashion. Ideas that were previously inconceivable, such as robotic garments, have been brought to fruition. Designers are excited by this amalgamation, as it presents them with a myriad of possibilities to explore.


A notable invention attributed to this fusion is the development of bicycle airbags. An improvement on the traditional helmet, this device is designed to protect the cyclist in the event of an accident. When closed, it does not obscure the field of view, a problem associated with conventional helmets. Also, integration of fashion and technology has seen the production of Frontline Gloves, specially designed to ease communication among firefighters.


Moreover, worn out gadgets are being recycled to create fashionable products. Outfits have been created from bicycled tubes as well as recycled radiator copper. Further, energy harnessing apparels have been realized, thanks to the incorporation of style into technology. Currently in the works ae shoes that can charge small appliances such as phones and mp3 players while running.


The achievements realized by the fusion of these two industries has been amazing. However, the future holds an even better and tantalizing prospect.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is an esteemed businessman, with hugely successful entrepreneurial ventures in the fashion industry. He is accredited for inaugurating Tory Burch, LLC, a prominent fashion label. Currently, he is the boss as well as the proprietor of Burch Creative Capital, a renowned branding firm, operating from the east coast of the USA, in New York.


An alumnus of the famous Ithaca College, Burch started off his entrepreneurial career while on the campus. He would but clothes and sell them to fellow students at a profit. It was from this business that Chris acquired knowledge, which he later used to create his companies.






A Glance at Eric Pulier and His Uncommon Varied Tech Profession

Eric Pulier is just more than a graduate from Harvard and at first look; nobody would ever guess that such a young face would achieve so much. He is a published author, a columnist, a publish speaker, a generous philanthropist, a brilliant technologist and a business person who started and developed several victorious startups.

Early Life & Education

Pulier was conceived in New Jersey and while getting to understand his early life; it is a proof that education was just a sharpening tool for his great natural intelligence. He started programming computers when he was a fourth-grade student and by 1984 after completing his high school studies, he commenced a database computer firm.

Entrepreneurial Success

One of the Pulier’s most revolutionary startup is XPrize. The program entails various competitions and prizes targeting people who are interesting in exploring their full potential to another level. The vision of Pulier towards the program was to assist dedicated and potential teens and adults who sought to achieve their dreams with many getting rewarded for their achievement. Akana is also among other several achievements of Pulier which is a SOA software program he established in addition to acquiring other SOA vendors using the same brand.

Philanthropy Work

Pulier is an active philanthropist with one of his major efforts being recognized at Painted Turtle; a camp for kids suffering from chronic diseases where is the cloud operations VP in the organization. He has willingly offered his money and time to make sure the kids in the camp get special medical needs.

Published Works

Another key achievement of Pulier is his book “Understanding Enterprise SOA”. Within the book, he provides an easy-to-understand and concise introduction of his agendas. The book is also greatly rated for its significance, easy readability and depth insight. Pulier has also been a writer in Forbes whereby he exercised his writing skills.

From establishing the initial interactive live feed stream within a space shuttle to assisting individuals with medical necessities, Eric Pulier has left a recognized positive world footprint. He plans to proceed in offering his helping hand, enhancing computer innovation and helping innovative new companies achieve their dreams.


A Look At What UKV PLC Sells

UKV PLC is a vintner that sells wine in the United Kingdom. This company has a trading floor it established in London while its headquarters is in Croydon, Surrey. UKV PLC is comprised of a small group of wine consultants who each have years of professional experience with wine. Whether it’s on their London trading floor or in a client’s home or business, they are always prepared to offer this expert opinion on the perfect wine for that customer.

As UKV PLC is an independent company, it has been able to establish a broad network of merchants, brokers, and traders that it can obtain wine from. This allows the company to source wines that are difficult if not impossible for other wine suppliers to obtain. The types of fine wine that UKV PLC sells can be used for consumption or be held onto as an alternative investment.

Most of the wine that UKV PLC sells comes from the traditional wine countries of Spain, France, and Italy. However, they are able to source wine from countries around the world. The types of wine they sell are Burgundy, Italian, Spanish, Champagnes, and Bordeaux. The value of the wine that they sell ranges from £900.00 for a bottle of Beychevelle 2008 to £37,500.00 for a rare bottle of Lafite Rothschild 1982.

UKV PLC has a Facebook page that they post to on a daily basis. The types of articles they post are all about wine, explaining the ins and outs of the industry as well as the health benefits of moderate wine drinking. One recent article described the effect that Brexit could have on the UK’s wine industry. Another article described how organic red wine is the healthiest of all wines when drank in moderation with a number of benefits including lower blood pressure.

View UKV PLC’s wine list on Pinterest.

Who is Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management has protected companies’ capital, and has provided establishments with successful diverse investment strategies for over 20 years. Highland Capital Management is one of the industry’s largest and most experienced global alternative credit managers and has consistently helped investors achieve their risk and return objectives a countless number of times. Highland Capital Management takes on alternative investors of both retail and institutions.


Headquartered out of Dallas, Texas with offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore & Seoul, Highland Capital Management service high net-worth individuals, corporations, financial institutions, fund of funds, public pension, investment endowments and governments. Services specializes in credit strategies. These credit strategies are specifically targeted for credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts, distresses and special-situation private equity, and collateralized loan obligations. Additional services includes, alternative investments such as: emerging markets, long and short equities and natural resources investments.


Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dondero and Marc Okada in 1993. Alongside their current diverse credit strategy assistance and alternative investments, Highland Capital Management makes a huge difference in communities. Such difference includes: volunteering, advisory board involvement and financial donations. Since 2005, the firm and its partners have distributed more than 10 million dollars to organizations around the world. There are over 180 different employees who works for Highland Capital Management throughout its various branches.


Highland Capital Management can be a valuable source for companies and institutions that are looking to acquire advancing credit solutions and intelligent alternative investments. With their years of experience in such related fields, investors can sleep better knowing that their risk and return objectives are in good hands.





A Dynamic Philanthropist Who Rocks The World

Adam Milstein and his spouse left Israel in 1981 to live in the U.S. He is a 1983 graduate of the University of Southern California. After that he began investing and became a real estate commercial agent. In a business partnership with Rob Neal and David Hager of Hager Pacific Properties, the trio managed over $1 billion in a commercial portfolio. He remained in this country to make his fortune and never went back.


The state of Israel is fortunate to have the Milestein husband-and-wife team as its most passionate ambassadors. The Family Foundation of Adam and Gila Milstein rallies for over 100 Israel causes in addition to those established, for the purpose of rendering the Jewish people strong against their adversaries. The Israeli-American Council (IAC)was established from a team in 2007 that included Milestein, the mission of which was to bring both Israeli-American and Jewish charities under its wing. His goals were to help these organizations in avoiding duplicate effort in addition to sharing research. His strategy to accomplish this creates what he describes as a philanthropic “force multiplier.”


The Milstein Family Foundation uses as its strategy the ignition of Jewish pride in the coming generation. Pro-Israel Americans are provided with both knowledge and expertise to effectively advocate for the State of Israel, and strengthen the critical US- Israel alliance.


Adam Milstein was elected 39th to a prestigious list of philanthropists for his role as the Co-founder and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). This list includes political leaders such as Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan, and philanthropists Sheldon Adelson.


He is also active in many other prominent Jewish organizations, including the Israel on Campus Coalition, Stand With Us, Hasbara Fellowships, Stand By Me, Birthright Israel, and AIPAC National Council. The Foundation also founded and supported Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which supplies free Hebrew storybooks for over 70,000 Israeli-American family members. They continue to support Taglit-Birthright Israel, whose mission is to sponsor Israeli trips for young Israeli-American adults. He is most widely known for his contribution, from his ability to organize a wide range of charities, make them work together, and help them achieve greater results.


Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Tops off Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern: The Property Entrepreneur

Aloft South Beach, which was a project developed by Madden Real Estate Ventures and JMH Development was topped off recently. It was an adaptive reuse project, which was built at the site of the Motel Ankara. The development also entailed building a new eight-story tower. Plaza Construction was the company behind the construction. The project, which was completed in 2014, was the first construction of its kind since 2009 in South Beach. The hotel will have significantly large rooms, which will be over 360 square feet each.

Jason Helpern with His Colleagues

The Principal of JMH Development, Jason Halpern has gained a reputation for his ability to restore structures of historic significance. The topping off was significance since it indicated that construction was almost ending.

What to Expect at the Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern with Model Milana

The Aloft south Beach was designed to offer a great waterfront location that will offer guests access to Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast. The hotel is located just a few minutes away from the Miami Beach Convention Center, in the heart of South Beach. It is also within reach of numerous art galleries, the Bass Museum of Art, various boutiques, nightclubs, and restaurants.

There is an outdoor roof, a fitness center, and a roof deck lounge. Besides that, the hotel has over two thousand feet of meeting space, which is great for both social gatherings and business meetings. Besides that, guests to the hotel will get to enjoy free live performances from local emerging artists.

What JMH Development Does

Family Life of Jason

JMH Development is a real estate development firm that has a lot of experience as an owner of residential and commercial real estate and as a developer. The company has been behind the development of some of the most unique properties positioned in some of the most strategically significant locations in America such as Brooklyn, Miami Beach, and Manhattan.

The company has a team of professionals who handle every stage of the development such as branding and marketing, due diligence, building design, and construction. Besides that, they have experience in constructing properties in different fields such as mixed use, hospitality, and residential fields.

Jason with Model

About Jason Halpern

Jason is a real estate developer who controls his family’s company, JMH Development. The company has over $500 million worth of investments in New York. One of their most unique development is a property at 184 Kent; they turned an old warehouse into luxury apartments. Another project that Jason has overseen while at the helm of JMH Development is the Townhouses of Cobble Hill. Through the project, they added 9 luxurious townhouses in the Brooklyn area. Jason is committed to coming up with innovative properties for different sectors such as rental, commercial, and hospitality sectors.