Robert Deignan Has Some Advice For Starting An IT Services Company

Robert Deignan is a leader in computer troubleshooting and call center technology, and he’s the CEO of a reputable IT troubleshooting company known as ATS Digital Services. He has some advice for other IT people but also entrepreneurs in general that he told to Ideamensch. He explained in the interview that he had had some experience working for a malware removal software company but realized there was a need for additional services when some viruses were preventing the malware removal software from being installed. And that led to him starting a company that employed remote desktop control for technicians who needed deep access to the user’s device.

Robert Deignan says he can find new ways to improve his team members’ efficiency when he comes up with ideas outside the office. He finds it to be much better for creativity in going out and having time to clear his mind in order to think of new things. But when faced with a big business decision, Deignan uses his deep gut instinct to figure out how he’s going to move forward. Another key piece of advice he gives people is to be careful about hiring family members or close friends at the company because while someone you know may be good as an owner’s partner, if you ever found yourself in a position where you had to make cuts to your workforce and family was involved, relationships could be hurt.

Robert Deignan has been a native of Florida his whole life though he went to Purdue University for college. He was a punter on the football team there and actually went pro for a short period. But ultimately he went into the IT services field and ended up working for a software development firm before starting ATS Digital Services. Deignan serves not only local Florida residents but also customers around the US and even the world. His company uses advanced remote assistance technology and has been a part of several certifications including Cisco and AppEsteem which have boosted its legitimacy in the IT world. Deignan is an outdoor sports enthusiast especially in fishing tournaments.

Shervin Pishevar Champions a New Global Model

The United States has long been recognized as the foremost superpower in the world, but in recent years, with the spread of the entrepreneurial spirit worldwide, countries such as China, have begun overtaking the United States in a number of prominent sectors. Shervin Pishevar believes in the entrepreneurial spirit, living and breathing startup companies, and has had an unprecedented run of success regarding such. During his college years, Shervin Pishevar studied molecular cellular biology at the University of California, Berkeley, but quickly realized that his skill set fits together better in the world of the entrepreneur. Since that time, he has incorporated a number of thriving companies into his portfolio, including Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club, Tumblr, and Uber. With a number of sectors important to the success of the United States currently in flux, Shervin Pishevar decided to discuss his personal viewpoints regarding them, and if he continues his streak of correct predictions, the United States is in for a dark period.

It was a triumphant return to Twitter, where Shervin Pishevar utilized an entire 24 hour period to dish on a number of topics, one of the most important being, the fall of the US financial system as it is known today. In recent years, there has been a rise amongst stateless digital currencies, and with Bitcoin becoming one of the hottest topics of discussion, Shervin Pishevar’s prediction that the traditional governing and financial institutions are on the verge of failure, may not be very far fetched. Over the course of several months, Bitcoin experienced a meteoric rise, resulting in its price jumping to nearly 20k, but subsequent plummet caused panic among investors. The next two years will prove to be instrumental in Bitcoin’s success based on Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter rant, and it will begin to reverse the losses that it has recently seen, returning to a steady investment. With the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Mr. Pishevar believes that a “once in a 1000 year shift,” is approaching, which will bring about the old system down, making room for a new and improved model.